Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Tale of Three Cities by Alexander McCabe

A Tale of Three Cities is the second novel to "Greater Expectations" and is a continuation of the story of Z and Penny. I actually enjoyed this novel even more than the first one. It seems to have a lot more depth and seems very well rounded. Don't get me wrong. I did like the first one but I found the second one to be even better than the first one which is the way consecutive novels should be. This second novel has more suspense, adventure, and yes a touch of romance but what I really liked was the development of the main characters and the introduction of other main characters. The first novel was light and funny but this one takes on a darker tone that is resolved in the end. I am hoping that there are plans for a third book (hint hint). A bonus is the fact that this book can be read as a stand alone novel.

Four out of Five Stars

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