Friday, January 22, 2016

Life After Dane by Edward Lorn

This is the first book I have read by Edward Lorn and I have to say he has gained a fan. I love his descriptive style of writing and how he slowly builds the sense of horror. It is also the first book I have read where I wish I could jump in the pages and give a few people a smack or two. The only persons I actually did like were a little boy who had no one who would protect him, and another little boy who seems to be heading towards the same fate as the first boy. No, it doesn't make sense but then I am not going to give anything away about this book. The book is quite misleading the way it starts.
A mother has to watch the execution of her only son who happens to be a serial killer known as the Rest Stop Dentist Killer. After she is back home trying to restart her life, she is haunted by what she thinks are hallucinations of her dead son visiting her. To her growing horror, she realizes that Dane Peters is haunting her and has a quest for her to complete. What follows is an increase in Dane's otherworldly powers and an ever growing level of horror. 
I will be honest. This was a VERY tough book for me to read. Edward Lorn artfully flips from the present horror to the past where we learn how and why Dane Peters became what he was. I am a mother and it was very difficult to read what Dane went through as a child and how his own mother refused to protect him. Yes, Ella Peters is one of the main characters I wish I could really have a "talk" with. Overall, the book is a fantastic read and I absolutely loved the twist at the end. 

Four out of Five Stars

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