Sunday, February 14, 2016

What Lies Between by Charlena Miller

I have to be honest. When I first started this novel I thought it was going to be a plain romance and wondered how on earth I would get through it. The story was definitely not I expected but more about that later on.
Nothing has ever been easy for Ellie Jameson and she has had to learn the hard way that the only one you can rely on is yourself. Then a letter arrives informing Ellie about an unexpected inheritance in faraway Scotland. She decides to leave America behind and see what awaits her on the Glenbroch Estate. Yes, there is a romance with a absolutely perfect Scot but there is also a lot of intrigue and mystery as Ellie tries to get Glenbroch up and running.
Now I will explain what I meant when I said the story was not what I expected. This would have been typical romance with intrigue in a foreign land except for one important fact. Charlena Miller's description of Scotland and it's people is so very lush and detailed that you feel as if you are there with Ellie. That isn't surprising since I understand that the author did in fact visit Scotland but it takes talent to be able to describe it in such detail. I always wanted to visit Scotland and now with "What Lies Between" by Charlena Miller I really want to go there. Highly recommended. I received a copy of this book from the author (thank you!) in exchange for an honest review.

Four out of Five Stars

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