Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Pit: Watchmaker's Hell: Book One by L.A. Barnes

At first I found this book confusing but once I got the names straight and an idea of what was going on, I was quickly engrossed by the book which happens to be first in a series (yay!). What happens when we die? Do we go to Heaven or Hell? Is there a Heaven and Hell? What comes next? This novel is a fascinating (for me anyway) attempt to imagine what it might be like. If this had been just one novel it would have fallen short but because it is the first in a series, it is a wonderful lead in to a very interesting series. I loved learning all about the variety of people in the afterlife and the attempt by a few to control it and also others who want to use it as an experiment to "better" people. I don't like to make comparisons but this book reminded me in a way of "The Riverworld Saga by Philip Jose Farmer which I loved. I am definitely looking forward to book two in this new promising series.

Three out of Five Stars

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