Monday, July 25, 2016

Krystal Blue (The Blue Moon Series) (Volume One) by Destiny Hawkins

When I first started reading this book I had started asking myself what I had gotten myself into. I thought it would be possibly one of those books that you keep losing interest in and keep putting down. Wrong! I could not have been more mistaken.
I was hooked from the first page and that is due not only to the story line but the writer's compelling descriptive writing and wonderful character development.
Crystal has had a very hard life starting from when she witnessed her mother's murder. Moving from foster home to foster home where she encounters much violence, Crystal somehow manages to hold herself together and make her way to her dream of a higher education. She thinks she is a normal girl but there are hints that she may be different or as the reader learns, much more.
I love books where everything is not plainly written out but subtle hints are left for the reader to find.
I grew to like Crystal and admire her determination. I also liked how the character of Alveya developed and grew to also like her. There is a hint of LBGT and I appreciated how the subject was dealt with in a delicate and respectful way. Now I have to add another series to my "I have to read this now" list. I can't wait to continue the story of Crystal, Alveya and the strange world they live in.

Four out of Five Stars

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