Monday, July 25, 2016

The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (The Unbelievables #1) by T.C. Tansley

I received a copy of this book for free from Goodreads competitions. 

Kat is an unusual girl. She has always been able to see ghosts otherwise known as "the Unbelievables" since she was a little girl but was forced to disbelieve in them after almost becoming possessed by one. Fast forward a few years when Kat is a teenager. She is in her junior year at McTernan Academy where she is doing a research project for a professor. The project brings her face to face (so to speak) with the ghosts she has long denied.

I really enjoyed this read and can see it appealing to the YA audience especially ones who love the supernatural and stories with a twist. There is a hint of romance but not enough to derail the main storyline and I enjoyed learning about the main characters. It is enough that I am very interested....ok I cannot wait until the second book in the series. I especially liked how the author explains how and where the idea for the series came from. 

As an aside, I have an almost 12-year-old daughter who hid the book from me so she could read it first. Apparently, she really liked it too.

Thank you to Goodreads and especially the author for the opportunity to read this novel.

Four out of Five Stars

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