Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible's Greatest End-Times Mystery by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson

"The Babylon Code" was a fascinating read although it seemed to rehash certain subjects over again (which would be an editing issue and as such I will not base my review on that). The history is very interesting and well researched. I took my time reading the book as there was much to think about and absorb. I did find the end a bit preachy and would have preferred to stick to the main facts of the book. All in all, I found it to be well written and would recommend it to anyone who wonders about secret societies and the connection to the End-Times. The biggest thing to take away from this book (to me anyway) is not to be afraid of the Book of Revelation at all but to see it as a book of hope and not despair.
I received a copy from the publishers via Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review.

Three out of Five Stars

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