Monday, August 11, 2014

Blueberry Hill by Bette Lee Crosby

This was one incredible book. It drew me in right from the beginning and never let go until the end. It is a memoir of sorts (using the author's own description) about two sisters and the different life paths they take and the resulting consequence. It is also about the life long bond that siblings can have and the underlying love that is always there. It is written from the heart and reaches deep into your soul. If you have ever loved someone through thick and thin then this book is for you. I never had a sister but I did have a mother who went through much the same as Donna did. It brought back so many tears and memories. I am touched that the author was willing to share something so personal with her reader and I am very grateful and honoured that Bette Lee Crosby let me read her book in exchange for a review (Library Thing). Thank you so much for giving me a chance. You have won a new fan :)

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