Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Prediction by Darren Sugrue

I received this review copy from LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review. Firstly, the novel deals with issues such as the loss of a child and domestic abuse so be aware. I was absolutely blown away with this book from the beginning to finish. The author did an incredible job of making it a fast paced novel that draws you in but also takes the time to develop the main characters. I had great difficulty putting it down. It is based on a mathematical genius who has developed a formula that can predict the date of a person's death. Things don't go as planned and he is drawn away from his life as a crane operator back to the mathematical world of probability. I can honestly say that this is one of the BEST books I have read so far this year. It was a fantastic, enjoyable, and yes emotional read. I was in tears at the end. Prediction is well written, fast paced and very suspenseful. I would definitely recommend it. I am looking forward to reading more by this author.

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  1. How did I miss you starting a blog?! And it's been going for over a month! Congrats!
    And this book is going to be adding this to my reading list!