Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Halfway House by Weston Ochse

I enjoy many types of genre but my absolute favorite is the horror genre. I have to admit that I was "spoiled" by Stephen King. The way I judge a horror novel is if I like and want to know more about some of the main characters and if there is some "meat" to the story and it is not just a plain "blood and guts" horror fest. I have been disappointed so many times that when I first started to read this book, I assumed it would probably be an ABC type of horror book. I am pleased to say that I was very wrong. It is a horror novel but is so much more. It is a view of urban life, and in particular, gang life, surfer life style, and orphans. The center of the story is the Halfway House and orbiting it are a few very interesting characters. Lucy, the gang leader, Kanga, the seasoned surfer, and Bobby, the epileptic/loner searching for his place. I actually grew to care about Bobby and surprisingly, Lucy. I received this book for free on LibraryThing in return for an honest review and am glad I did. I have actually found a new (for me) author in my favorite genre. 

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